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Hello, Super Foods!
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Snack & Baking
· 6.15 (Day 2)
Make Snack Delicious And Fun
CC204 - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Branding for New National Products Starts Here

National products, is a "ten years to sharpen a sword" business. In response to more and more young consumers taking care of their health, new national products have gained attention, but also have more stringent requirements. What can we do to reshape and return to the category's proper value? Investment in both supply chain and R&D is essential. It is from the perspective of the not-so-storyteller Natural Food that the story of building a new national product brand will be told.

Chinese Energy Bars: from Product Innovation to Category Innovation
Experience and Business
Corporate strategies of snack industry are re-assessed in the perspective of channels.Corporate strategies of snack industry are re-assessed in the perspective of channels.try

Corporate strategies of snack food companies are re-assessed in the perspective of channels.

The Omni-channel Instructions for Snack Companies
Lunch & Food Show Tour
Nostalgic But Not Stale Snacks

The wind of nostalgia blows, allowing snacks to break the shackles of the era. When nostalgic snacks come back again, besides emotion, keeping feeling of freshness is also very important.

Unleashing New Value through Innovative Candies
[Panel Discussion] The Boiling Market of Frozen Confections

The frozen confections market has seemingly never cooled.

The Design Aesthetics behind the Ice Cream

Culture and creative ice-creams, like Yuanmingyuan, West Lake, Doraemon, and Ultraman, are now leading the new trend of "playful food". What's behind the endless creativity? 

Break Time: The Happiest Thing in Summer
Snack & Baking
· 6.16 (Day 3)
Make Snack Delicious And Fun
CC204 - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Ingredients and Products
Tracking Snack Innovation

There is always something new in consumer snacking trends, but innovation is a lasting theme. It is key, therefore, to align snack innovation with industry outlook.

Local Snacks Go National

Local specialties are turning into popular snacks, and Roasted Milk is one of them. Creativity is bursting from the traditional specialities of Inner Mongolia. What inspirations has yet to be explored in the market of local speciality snacks?

The Inspirational Chocolate Creator

Have you ever tasted corn and guava flavoured chocolate? Candied umbu, guavas, warm spices, candied orange peel, cinnamon rice... The inspirations of this master chocolatier never runs out.

[Panel Discussion] Yummy and Guilt-free

Increasingly occupied by the concept of Yang Sheng (life nourishment), modern consumers have mixed feelings for baked foods. Where is the point of balance between good taste and healthiness? How to develop products that satisfy cravings without causing a guilty feeling?

“Big” Health, “Big” Growth

It has been harder and harder to please consumers since snacks came into omni-channel competition. But one thing is crystal clear -- consumers are paying more attention to the nutritional, functional and health attributes of snacks under the mega health trend. With boundary of snacks expanding and target consumer groups growing, what would be the game changer for brands? Health, health, still health.

Lunch & Food Show Tour
[Training] Imagination and Landing: AIGC Fuels Growth in Content and Efficiency
Module 1: AI Basics

1. Why can AI become a "Super Employee"? What is the underlying logic?

2. Introduction and current status of mainstream tools ChatGPT, SD, and Midjourney

3. Transforming cognition: Designing workflows for human-computer collaboration

Module 2: Creative Accelerator in Commercial Design丨Case Study: Full Project Design for Parent-Child Restaurant

1. Introduction to the complete design process

2. Dissecting the design phases in which AI can intervene

3. Parent-child restaurant case study (including questioning ChatGPT with whole process, showing the final concept story and visual composition guidelines, shwoing design results)

4. Summary of the process and sentences for asking questions

Module 3: The Whole Process of Snacking with the Assistance of AI Case Study: Snack Project of Galaxy Food

Case Study 2: Reinventing the process, AI enabled snacks from definition to shelves

1. Introduction to the product process;

2. Unbundling work and refining tasks;

3. How to embed GPT, MJ into workflow;

4. Product phase;

5. Design phase