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· 6.25 (Day 1)
From Appealing to Branding
4.2H - Hall B1
Trends and Strategies
[Global Design Trends] The Evolutionary Discourse of Future Brands

In an external environment characterized by slowing economic growth, intensified homogeneous competition, and an increasingly diverse and fragmented digital media landscape, how can brands strike a balance between long-term brand building and short-term growth demands? Furthermore, how can they seize opportunities for international brand development?

Sam, the Executive Creative Director of FutureBrand China, who has worked on visual strategies for diverse brands across multiple industries including Atlantis Hotels, Nestlé, Budweiser, Alibaba, and Carino, will provide forward-looking insights.

From Going beyond China to Going Global: What is the Next Design Language That is as Universal as the Nike Swoosh?

Global brand design expert Simon Collins, former Creative Director for world-leading brands such as Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Zegna, as well as former Dean of Fashion at Parsons School of Design, has helped transform the once-obscure design school into a global superbrand, collaborating with luxury conglomerates like Kering Group and LVMH. Currently based in Shanghai, he serves as the CCO of Design Innovation Institute Shanghai.

When discussing the topic of Chinese brands "going global", Collins, who has collaborated with numerous international and local fashion brands, remarked: Some local designers always hope that international consumers can perceive Chinese culture or elements through their designs; ironically, these local designers themselves rarely, if ever, wear those designs, yet they hope foreign consumers will choose them.

- Do Chinese brands have to involve "Chinese culture / elements" when going global?

- What insights can Chinese brands glean from internationally successful brands?

Collins will further elaborate on these questions and share his perspectives. We have extended the Q&A session to half an hour after the speech. Feel free to bring your questions for discussion!

[Hard-hitting Insights] What Are the Small Packaging Design Details That Can Double Your Efficiency When Entering the Thai Market?

Founding Prompt Design, the Thai design studio that has garnered over 200 international design awards within just 17 years, and making it the most decorated in Thailand. Renowned Thai designer Somchana Kangwarnjit, who has served over 300 clients including Nestlé, Tyson, Dole, and Meiji, will share invaluable insights on food and beverage brand expansion into the Southeast Asian market!

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

- Should designs adapt to local customs or maintain their "original flavor"?

- What restrictions does the Thai market impose on packaging design?

- What regulatory considerations should be observed in packaging copywriting?

Join us for a wealth of knowledge on these and more topics!

[Panel Discussion] The Art of "Translating" Packaging Compliance for Overseas Expansion: Flexibility in Detail, Integrity in Essence

Think Global, Act Local. Different cultural practices and packaging regulations around the world pose challenges for global packaging compliance. In December 2023, the Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court of Thailand ruled against China's Luckin Coffee in a trademark infringement case against Thailand's Royal 50R Group. For many brands, failing to plan trademark strategies in advance and understand local intellectual property laws can lead to unexpected difficulties.

Furthermore, due to the unique nature of food products, different countries have more detailed regulations for labels and packaging across various categories, including requirements for font size and the placement of information on labels.

Packaging compliance is the foundation for the normal sale of products. How can we 'dance with shackles on,' adhering to compliance while using excellent packaging design to connect with local consumers?

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Zoom-in Session: Win on the Shelf
[Interactive Workshop] Consumer Behavior Science + AI: Winning Across All Channels from Offline Shelves to Online E-commerce

Behaviorally, one of the most renowned consumer behavior research institutions in US, has amassed the world's largest consumer behavior database (exceeding 60 million behavioral data) in its 52 years of operation. They have customized over 160,000 simulated shelves for clients and facilitated the successful launch of 80,000+ packages.

Behaviorally asserts that marketing's moment of truth is when a purchase transaction takes place. The first touchpoint of consumer goods - packaging - has a significant impact on shopper behavior. With the aim of improving sales conversion, they have condensed their professional practice into the 4S framework: Seen, Shoppable, Seductive, and Selected, to assess whether a package can "win on the shelf."

For consumer brands, today's shelf concept encompasses both offline retail shelves and online "shelves" - e-commerce platforms. These platforms present significantly different business challenges for brands. This workshop will take you through both offline and online shelves, analyzing successful packaging design cases using the 4S framework. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to experience eye-tracking technology firsthand and receive on-the-spot evaluations of their packaging designs using Behaviorally's latest AI tools.

Target audience: Consumer product brands, retail private label owners, etc.


Session 1 - Offline Retail: Secrets to Succeeding on Physical Shelves

From theory to practice, join us live to experience real shelves and eye-tracking technology firsthand! We'll help you decipher product competition on real shelves and analyze what packaging designs can stand out on the shelves.



Session 2 - Online E-commerce: How to Communicate with Consumers Across the Screen?

In the online e-commerce environment, consumer behavior pathways differ from those in offline shopping. Should the product header image feature the packaging or the product itself? How should the product detail page be arranged for effective communication?



Session 3 - Try AI: Predicting Packaging's Business Potential with Pack AI

Behaviorally can conduct targeted AI model training based on different product categories and market data by summarizing consumer behavior patterns. We welcome you to bring your new product packaging to generate a Pack AI scorecard on-site!



Pack Talks
· 6.26 (Day 2)
From Appealing to Branding
4.2H - Hall B1
From Packaging to Branding, from Experience to Trust
Address from Chair
Only Genuineness Connects: How to Shape Authentic Experiences?

Over her 16-year career in design, the red-haired dynamo, Chloe Templeman, has rapidly gained widespread influence within the industry through her dedication and sincerity. Her exceptional collaborations with high-profile clients such as Fortnum & Mason, Diageo, Unilever, Callaly, and Sacha Lichine have resulted in numerous internationally acclaimed design works. Chloe is also committed to giving back to the community, actively mentoring the next generation as a tutor for D&AD SHIFT and co-chairing the Pentawards.

In our current era of "collapsing" digital conventions, the pursuit of authenticity represents a fundamental human instinct. In her presentation, Chloe will discuss how brands can create authentic experiences that resonate deeply with contemporary audiences. Through a series of case studies, she will reveal strategies for forging impactful, genuine interactions in an increasingly homogenized digital landscape.

The Power of Typography: How Custom Fonts Can Embody a Brand's Essence

Typography is a critical element in visual communication. From sleek, modern sans-serif fonts to elegant, classical serif fonts, each typeface can evoke a unique emotional resonance in viewers. Nowadays, to invoke a sense of brand exclusivity in people's minds, more and more leading brands are opting to create custom fonts.

FounderType is the world's largest provider of Chinese typeface products, offering over 3,000 Chinese font styles. In recent years, FounderType has customized exclusive brand fonts for notable companies such as Coca-Cola, Alibaba,, HEYTEA, and Meituan. In this presentation, FounderType will share the stories behind these brand font customizations, discussing how brands cleverly use typeface design to establish deep emotional connections with consumers, and will present the latest trends and insights in font design.

[Experience Design Workshop] How is the Gastronomic Appeal Reproduced on Japanese-style Packaging?

Delicate chocolate squares are gently stacked on the soft, cloud-like snow, with the words "Melts in your mouth like snow..." and the golden "Meltykiss" logo, the packaging design of "Snow Kiss" chocolates exudes the dreamy, romantic aura of a teenage girl's story, just like the brand's promotional video.

In her nearly 30-year design career, designer Hiroko Ogawa, who has collaborated with brands such as Meiji, Tsujiri, and Suntory, has always insisted on crafting packaging that conveys emotions with softness and delicacy. She constantly ponders: How can audiences understand the "abstract" concept of experiential design?

"I believe that the result of products bringing people beautiful experiences is that even when the product is not visible, memories of the product and its deliciousness can still float in people's minds... Therefore, I'd like to invite everyone to play a little game about memories."

In Ogawa's carefully designed experiential workshop, participants are encouraged to bring their notebooks and pens. She will conduct a live comparison of snack packaging designs from China and Japan, highlighting specific areas where these designs could be enhanced.


Lunch & Food Show Tour
Growth Accelerator
Behind Package Design: The Secret of BOSS Coffee

Under the Suntory umbrella, BOSS Coffee features its iconic "Man Smoking a Pipe" logo. It was created by Suntory's Creative Director, Hiroyuki Ishiura. It is his profound insights into users that are behind his outstanding design. As a result of its continuous resonance with users' emotions, the BOSS coffee brand continues to evolve and grow, and now it boasts over 30 years of history. In 2022, BOSS's annual sales volume surpassed 100 million cases, making it one of the most renowned beverage brands in Japan.

Push Creative Boundaries! Pentawards Diamond Award Winner Reveals How to Reinvent Classic Delicacy Brands

In a short span of five years, Auge Design, an Italian design agency, achieved the remarkable feat of winning the prestigious Pentawards Diamond Award twice! When Auge was founded seven years ago, Creative Partner Davide Mosconi, primarily serving fashion and art brands, had never designed packaging before. Yet, he boldly accepted the challenging goal set by founder Giorgio Natale to become "Italy's premier packaging design agency."

"Why not?" he said.

Auge embarked on a journey of bold innovation, exploring the artistic sensibility of consumer product packaging design, and creating enduring brands of deliciousness. In 2023, Auge revitalized the brand and packaging of two global classics under the Bahlsen Group, "Pick Up" and "Leibniz," earning numerous international accolades.

Design for Promising Categories – Navigate the Healthcare Blue Ocean
Define A "Healthy" Brand Via Design

What does "healthy" mean? Is it about a cleaner label? More eco-friendly? Or adding functional ingredients?

Danish design company EVERLAND has not only refreshed brands like Mizone, including its zero-sugar series, and become a design partner of Carlsberg since 2003, designing the packaging for 100+ products in its brand family, but also helped the emerging French plant-based meat brand La Vie achieve the top SKU sales within 18 months of launch. Chief Strategy Officer Christian will analyze the multiple pathways to becoming a "healthy" brand and their respective design strategies.

Mastermind behind the 0.2-Second Design Power: Unveiling the Secrets of Functional Food Packaging in Japan

Fumi Sasada boasts nearly 50 years of design experience. At the age of 40, he served as the representative of Landor Associates in Japan; At 44, he founded Bravis (the name is a combination of Brand and Visual). At 54, he became the then President of the Japan Package Design Association; At 59, he published "CIKTMUPS: All About Package Design Goes on Sale". He has served various well-known brands, including Meiji, Kagome, Asahi, and Calbee. In this session, he will share insights into the packaging and market trends of health and functional food and beverages in Japan.