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Channel & Supply Chain
· 6.15 (Day 2)
Laying A Solid Groundwork
CC207 - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Channel Evolution
Why do we Organize this Channel and Supple Chain Forum?
Value-Oriented Approach: How Should Discount Retail Models Develop in China?

Since opening its first store in 2020, Hotmaxx, with its positioning of "quality, low price, and environmental friendliness", its dedicated team of treasure buyers, and its commitment to the discount retail model of "integrating surplus resources", has expanded to over 500 stores in 32 cities across China. From their perspective, how will discount retail develop in China? 

Rooted in Endpoints: Exploring the Path of Retail Industry Win-Win in the Face of Transformation

Stores in the capillaries of cities mean a lot to making consumers’ life convenient. Store downsizing is one of the key solutions taken by retailers to cope with channel evolution.

What are the changes to expect in consumers and channels in the future in the eyes of Yueheji, a platform that has served 30,000 convenience stores? How can brands and channels distribute goods faster? What are the underlying capabilities and collaboration models that are required?

The Operation Way of Multi-potential Convenience Stores

Meiyijia, NewJoy, Today, Fook, and more community convenience store brands have gained fast growth in recent years. What are the next steps in products, supply chain, store operation, organization, and digitalization after gaining scale?

Instant Retail: "Multiple Imagination" under Explosive Growth

After three years of development, instant retail has gradually become a "Required Option" for consumers and brands. But in addition to speed and convenience, FMCG brands haven't yet understood the multiple values of instant retail —— young and efficient, new consumption habits and scenarios.

In the next stage of instant retail, how can business grow through more practices? How does the leading brand carry out strategic selection and layout? Meituan Instashopping will combine the latest industry developments, insights and cases to share.

One Code "Activates" 3 Million Retailer Outlets

Since 2015, Eastroc Beverage has taken the lead to carry out "One product, One code" in the industry. The Digitalization of Eastroc Beverage has experienced three stages, which empower consumers, retailer outlets, and sales, respectively, and help the enterprise’s sustainable growth. At present, the number of accumulative non-repeat code-scanned users reached 150 million +, reaching around 3 million retailer outlets across the country. From the perspective of solving business pain points, the digital logic behind the growth of Eastroc will be analyzed.

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Merchandise and Operations
Rainbow's Strategic Strength: Upgrading Products and Experiences from the Supermarket Perspective

What are the core capabilities behind those retailers who have been in business for a long time and have achieved sustained success in their markets? What inspirations can they provide to food and beverage brands? Rainbow supermarket will share insights from three major strategies: supply chain, digitization, and experiential enhancement. 

[Panel Discussion] Omnichannel Practice: How to Create a Seamless Consumer Experience

The omnichannel strategy is consumer-centric, creating comprehensive touch points and seamless customer experience, thereby improving brand influence and market performance. The importance is beyond doubt. How to carry out omnichannel strategies? What are the similarities and differences in the needs of consumers online, offline, and O2O? What are the differences in the operating methods between One Inventory and Two Inventories?

[Panel Discussion] How to Build Differentiated Competitiveness by Cultivating Private Brands?

With the rapid changes in the retail environment, focusing on the essence of "commodity power" has become an important way to achieve differentiation and create unique competitiveness, and promoting private brands is one of the strategic priorities of many retailers.

- How to develop private brand strategies based on the development model of the company and its own culture?

- How to gain insight into category innovation opportunities and develop products that impress consumers?

- How can private brands enter the minds of consumers in a fully competitive environment?

The Evolution of Discount Retail And New Opportunities of Private Brands

In recent years, the discount retail, mainly consists of the snack chain retail, has won the favor of consumers and the attention of venture capital. What is the current stage of discount retail? What are the opportunities and future of building private brands?

Channel & Supply Chain
· 6.16 (Day 3)
Laying A Solid Groundwork
CC207 - Hall 18 2nd Floor
Supply Chain Construction
Find the Right Way: Systematic Engineering for Product Innovation

Where does inspiration for innovative products come from? Innovation is not just about inspiration, but also a systematic ability. Having an innovative insight is only the first step. Converting that insight into products that are delicious, capable of steady mass production, and highly controllable in terms of cost and risk - every step is the result of skills accumulation.

Lighthouse Network: What does A Cool Supply Chain Look Like?

The Global Lighthouse Network is a World Economic Forum initiative put forward in 2018 in collaboration with McKinsey & Company. To be a site selected for the Lighthouse Network, which means to be advanced, lean, and agile along the supply chain and an industry benchmark in value creation, is a goal that many manufacturers strive to achieve.

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Dynamic and Efficient, the Paradigm of Nestlé's Supply Chain Management

With a variety of product lines, a wide range of channels and actively promoting new products, how does Nestlé build a sophisticated yet effective supply chain with quick response? How does Nestlé encourage innovation in the supply chain and control the risks? Compared with other countries, what are the characteristics, advantages and gaps of supply chain management in China?

High-quality Growth of New Consumer Brands: The Driving Force behind ADOPT A COW

As a new consumer brand, ADOPT A COW has grown steadily over the past nine years, which is inseparable from a high-quality entire industry chain. Cattle farming has always been at the core of this industry map: from the construction of modern ranch factories, to the creation of high-quality products, from deep links to users, to long-term brand growth. Focusing on raising good cows provides comprehensive support for the development of ADOPT A COW.

From 0 to 400 Million, the Road of an Whole-industry-chain Brand

From agriculture to consumer goods, Youxianggu has achieved a breakthrough in sales of single products from 0 to 400 million through the layout of the entire industrial chain and the intensive cultivation of catering channels. What kind of development experience and unique advantages does Yuxiang Valley have, which has realized the "integration of three industries" model of agriculture, food processing industry and tourism?

[Panel Discussion] Investors Talk: “How Does A Disruptive Player Build A Competitive Supply Chain”

The importance of supply chain speaks for itself to make a business competitive. Compared with players who already have established systematic advantages in supply chain, companies at their young age need to find a supply model that suits their phase of development.

In the discerning eyes of investors, what is the right way for a great player to build its own supply chain?