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· 6.14 (Day 1)
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Hall 17 DH001
Embrace 3R Food
Rock on, Frozen Bakery

With tens of billions scale, frozen bakery in China grows at 15%~20% per year. It has inherent advantages in stable supply, long shelf life, and scaled manufacturing. However, it takes a bit more improvement in flavor innovation, taste preservation, and variety expansion in comparison with fresh bakery.

[Panel Discussion] Approaching the Peak, 3R Food Needs A Bit of Creativity

There are numerous regional flavors in China and each flavor has endless variations. Spiceness alone has shown dazzling versatility, less saltiness, sweetness, sourness...When regional flavored dishes, like Fish and Pickled Cabbage, Pig Intestines with Chicken, approach the peak, it is time to go off the mainstream and seek something new.

[Pre-Lunch] Start A Meal with Appetizers
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Convince Ingredient-savvy Consumers
Say No to "Dark Tech" and Capture Ingredient Tricks

The era of consumers seeking goods out is gone. It is time to find the right consumers and sell well for products. Products shall be precisely aligned with consumer segmentation from the ideation phase. The new generation of consumers want both great flavors and clean ingredients. Why not target your consumers, work on the ingredients, and develop in high accuracy?

Prebiotics: Energy Bar for Gut Health

New F&B products that contain prebiotics have registered a 11.11% CAGR in the past five years. We often see and yet not know much about prebiotics. Innova database will navigate us through the world of prebiotics. What do prebiotics do? How can the F&B industry innovate products by leveraging prebiotics?

What is the next growth point of Plant Protein?

The global plant protein market is expected to rise from $4.6 billion to $85 billion by 2030. Behind the consumption and capital boom, do people really understand plant protein? Will popular plant meat and plant milk still have chance? What is the potential racetrack in future?

Ingredients Mining: New Ores for Health

Behind the trend of functional foods is relentless effort in discovering raw materials. Healthiness and safety of ingredients become key factors in decision-making as consumers are savvier. What are the benefits of insoluble dietary fiber? What surprises resistant starch has to show us when used in food?

· 6.15 (Day 2)
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Hall 17 DH001
Retain Consumers
Break the Content Bottleneck: Make and Keep are Equally Important

When traffic dividend goes away and louder hawking does not bring more attention, product content and interest content come bottlenecks. Take TikTok for example, content operation costs boosts, and content starts to suffer homogeneity despite a large amount of users. How to break content bottlenecks? How to manage content segmentations? How to reflect true brand value through content?

Case Dismantling | Let food packaging "sell goods"

Packaging is the first bridge for consumers to get in touch with brands. There are various products on the shelves. It is necessary to seize the visual opportunity and quickly win the hearts of consumers. Food product packaging may realize "automated" sales.

Aesthetic Value: From A Dividend to A Trend

This generation of consumers care more about aesthetic value than 5 to 10 years ago.

Abuse of trending elements? Too forthcoming? No!

It is time for brands to see aesthetics as a long-term trend rather than a short-term dividend.

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Upgrade Supply Chain
[Discussion] Flowing Digital Intelligence, Serial Industrial Chain

The digital intelligence is just like sea, keeping flowing in every part of industrial chain. Although, the digitalization and intelligence of food and beverage industry comes a little slowly, it initially accomplished!Make food with digitalization and make food life cycle information transparent, which improves supply-demand coordination to be easier.

How Can Central Kitchen of 3R Food "Seize Territory"?

It is estimated that by 2026, the scale of 3R food will exceed one trillion. The central kitchen connects upstream raw materials, and undertakes business and consumers at the same time. When demands become more and more refined, the central kitchen "has a lot to do"!

· 6.16 (Day 3)
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Hall 17 DH001
No Rules
Unstoppable Physical Stores

Physical Stores feature good product selections and yet low prices. When capital flows in, brands seize the momentum by developing collaboration products and accelerating distribution in channels. However, it is important to figure out the logic behind the physical stores in the first step.

Tempting AI, Salivating Food

AI technology has already stirred up waves in food and beverage industry, but do people really understand AI? Many people think AI is a wild horse, but after pre-training models and other technical methods, it can improve and give inspirations in ingredients, taste, packaging and other aspects to the food industry. It's urgent to make AI a "human sense"!