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Hello, Super Foods!
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Condiment & 3R Food
· 6.15 (Day 2)
New Taste That Spice Up New Lives
CC105 - Hall 18 1st Floor
Is It Still a Big Thing? New Insights and Opportunities behind Becoming "Household Master Chefs"

Will there be less cooking at home when lockdown is over? What changes merit expectation on consumer behaviors and preferences?

High Consumption in Lower-tier Cities

There is great business potential in lower-tier cities. What are the consumer behaviors and habits in lower-tier cities where the market is not yet saturated? How to set up channels? Is price war the only way to grab shares in lower-tier market?

Tasting: A Tasty Experience on the Tongue
[Panel Discussion] How to Drive Growth with the Founding Values When Hot Money Cools Down?

Tremendous changes are emerging on consumer goods investments this year. Returning to the nature will be the key topic for catering, condiments and 3R foods? How to initiate to grasp growth opportunites?

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Creating Deliciousness
The Quest for Umami: Not Just Chicken Bouillon for Upgraded Umami

Higher requirements for umami need both technology upgrade and innovative umami products. What technical innovations are available to upgrade chicken bouillon? Apart from chicken bouillon, what technology can help compound condiments deliver better umami?

Decoding the Taste Profile of Best-selling Flavors

Sour, spicy, sweet, umami...those flavors are the building blocks of dining experiences that we are so obsessed with. Is there a secret pattern behind all the big trending flavors?

Be Tasty and Healthy! Explore Innovation Methodology for 3R Foods!

Regardless of how market trends may shift, the unchanging truth is that only tasty and healthy food can win consumers over. 3R foods are often labeled as "unpalatable" and "unhealthy". How can we break the prejudice and win consumers' trust?

Versatile Spicy Hot Pot

Spiciness is a top celebrity among the primary flavors in the Chinese cuisine, which is especially reflected in the hot pot. Spiciness can be different in multiple ways. How can spiciness be made to stand out? How can a spicy hot pot be made with a distinctive flavor?

Condiment & 3R Food
· 6.16 (Day 3)
New Taste That Spice Up New Lives
CC105 - Hall 18 1st Floor
New Opportunities
"Drink Vinegar" with More Than Billions of Innovations

Geographic differences may have hindered vinegar's growth as a basic condiment. One question we seem to forget is: why is vinegar only a regular guest in the kitchen? We are going to break through the imagination of vinegar today and consider the casualization of "drinking vinegar".

High-flying 3R Foods in Small Towns

While competition of 3R food is still fierce in the first and second-tier markets, Yinshi Foods had already opened a chain of shops in the rural and county markets, with single-shop daily sales having reached 10,000 RMB. Why does it choose the rural and county markets? What are the product attributes of 3R foods? Who is paying for 3R foods? These are questions that we may have thought less about in the past.

Tea Break & Food Show Tour
3R Foods from a Main Meal Perspective: Losing Weight Without Restricting Your Diet

While most 3R Foods are still struggling to make their way onto consumers' tables, there is a new type of pre-made meal that has become the go-to option for those looking to lose weight. With high protein, low carbs, and a diverse range of dishes, losing weight no longer requires strict dietary restrictions. What are the consumers' genuine needs?Sometimes, we need to take a new perspective on the development of 3R Foods.

Reviewing the High-grade Ingredients of Condiments, How to Reinvent Growth in Rejection?

Every industry player will have a lot of imagination about the future at the very beginning, but trying to accomplish a small goal requires not only passion, but also resilience and the ability to constantly review the situation. Today, we will be here to tell a story of rejection and a review of finding the right path while facing challenges.

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Beyond Deliciousness: Building Good Business
Observe and Observe Again: Use Exotic Flavors in the Local Way

How can foreign products maintain their authenticity in the Chinese market?

The New Way of Time-honored Brand

With the upgrading of consumption, people pay more and more attention to the brand connotation and craftsmanship carried by the products, however, the word "time-honored" also brings some "fetters" to the brand. Both the old concept and the rigid system have brought many challenges to the development of time-honored brands. In today's era of rapid change, what can they do to keep up with the flywheel of the times and come to life in the new environment?

When 3R Food Meets Xiaohongshu: How to Promote More Scientifically?

The 3R food in the transition from TO B to TO C is developing exceptionally fast. However, how to do a long-term brand business in the killing red sea is also a problem that every brand needs to think about. The content marketing methodology of Xiaohongshu is a good medicine in this track.

[Panel Discussion] From Whims to Repurchase: The Journey from Building A Product to A Brand

TikTok, Taobao, private community, offline store...whichever is the path for brands to grow from 0 to 1, product takeoff is just the first step, and the real goal is to win steady repurchases. That is when the brand impact is put to test.