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Marketing Talks
· 6.15 (Day 2)
Growth and Beyond Growth
International Plenary Hall - Level 2 of North Lobby west
Foresee "People" and "Place"
The Cornerstone of Consumption in the New Era:A Study on the Demand Trends of Young-and-Middle-Aged Consumers in County Markets

In the 2023 No.1 Central Document, the term "县域" (county-level areas) appears 13 times. County-level areas have become a crucial pivot for expanding domestic demand and rural revitalization. As the foundation of China's consumer market, the county market is witnessing the convergence of new consumer forces. 

E-sports, Designer Toys, Horoscope, Camping, Han Costumes, JK Uniforms, Lolita...What are Trending among the New Generations?

From the rise of outdoor sports, agender movement, to local cultural symbols represented by Ding Zhen and Lu Xian Ren, let us walk you into the realm of our new generations.

[Panel Discussion] Chinese Food Brands Going Global

The context of access to international market has changed dramatically from export trade to building a global brand. What are the opportunities and challenges in taking a brand overseas? How to plan the route?

Roll the "Gear" of Business
Junlebao’s Growth from “Fresh” Dairy

Compared with over 90% ratio of "fresh dairy / liquid dairy " in Japan, South Korea and the United States, this figure for China is only around 30%. In 2019, Junlebao "Yue Fresh" began the strategic layout of the fresh dairy market. So how did they achieve "fresh" growth in the past, and what will they do in the future?

Lunch & Food Show Tour
From Traffic to User Retention: Enhancing Business Efficiency through Uni-Operation

The internet has entered the “Stock” era, where brands aiming for long-term success need to adopt a  uni-operations. This involves connecting all touchpoints within the public and private domains, exploring the value of existing users, accumulating brand assets, and leveraging them for user acquisition. Otherwise, brands may easily fall into the trap of relying solely on traffic. 

With the emergence of new traffic channels such as WeChat Channels and live streaming, as well as the improvement of infrastructure in the middle and back-end chains, including Official Accounts, communities, enterprise WeChat, and mini-programs, what scenarios and opportunities will be nurtured within Tencent's ecosystem? 

Marketing To Gen Z, Leading the New Trend

Opening a video at bilibili during mealtime has become a “digital pickles” for young generations. Bilibili covers thousands of interest groups, and food is one of the strongest “social currencies” among them. With the scene, traffic, and audience all in place, how should food & beverage brands effectively connect with young generations on bilibili and lead the trend of popular products?

Understanding Business Content Tags to Solve the Omnichannel Growth Challenge

The context field gives rise to consumer trends. To achieve scalable and efficient content marketing, brands need to solve the attribution challenge from content to growth and from omnichannel exposure to conversion.

Nint takes the lead in bridging the gap between content and products, helping brands find blue ocean opportunities in the existing market. Nint will also reveal high-potential pathways in the food and beverage industry and share best practices for brand tag integration at FBIF2023.

Douyin Interest-based E-commerce:How can F&B brands seize new opportunities?

What are the consumers' changes to content preferences and commodity consumption trends related to F&B?

What are the new opportunities for F&B brands under the development of Douyin E-commerce and Local Consumption Business?

How to achieve true Interest-based E-commerce based on user demographic operation?

[Themed Discussion] Business Mindset in Marketing, Marketing Mindset in Product Development

Successful marketing starts with a successful strategy. Michael Porter divided strategy into three basic options: total cost priority, differentiation, and focus.

However, Daixiaji is a rare enterprise owning all three options. Daixiaji gains a cost advantage by focusing on shrimp supply chain, differentiates itself by the higher content of shrimp meat and focusing on the shrimp meat category, and finally achieved sales of more than 1 billion. Among them, a comprehensive understanding of the business and a full perception of the needs of the market are indispensable.


Marketing Talks
· 6.16 (Day 3)
Growth and Beyond Growth
International Plenary Hall - Level 2 of North Lobby west
Construct the Brand Bastion
Accumulate Sand into Towers - Innovation and Accumulation of Mondelēz China

From the launch of "Spring Oreo" to the release of Oreo Thins and Mini, and the popularity of Cloud Cakes among consumers, the Oreo brand under Mondelēz seems to never grow old. The successful product combination innovation model that has been proven on Oreo is also gradually inherited by other brands such as Chips Ahoy! and Ritz. 

Behind this success, how does Mondelēz China continue to innovate and accumulate brand assets based on the market orientation of "Go-Deep, Go-Up, Go-Online"? 

Exploring Our Reach On Our Own - Using Product Itself to Spread the Brand's Voice

In today's world of fragmented attention, unleashing creativity is crucial for establishing deeper connections with our consumers. In South America, Budweiser, in collaboration with Rolling Stone magazine, has launched BudMag—a monthly music magazine dedicated solely to emerging artists. What sets it apart is that it is ingeniously printed on their own beer packs.

It's a simple yet effective concept: we are giving purpose to an asset that brands often overlook and the culture that younger generation really love. Let's explore together how even the most unassuming brand assets can serve as vehicles for amplifying  brand's voice and values. Join us as we delve into this exciting realm of possibilities.

[Panel Discussion] Back to Offline - Building F2F Brand Connections with Consumers

Against the backdrop of popular outdoor activities such as urban walking, camping, and Frisbee, we see that younger consumers are increasingly eager for an "offline" lifestyle and disintermediated contact. In this trend, how can food brands establish closer connections with consumers through offline links? 

[Panel Discussion] “Sounds” From the Brand Universe

Which sense and medium are left when hands, feet, and eyes are occupied? Ears and sounds.

The average listening time per user on Chinese podcasts hit 4.1 hours in 2022, with monthly income at RMB 14,808. Sound media possesses high potential as it features immersive listening and high user value. How can brands make themselves be heard?

[Themed Discussion] Putting "People" at the Core and Building Evergreen "Brands"

In the past, people were represented as numbers derived from attitude surveys in marketing. However, with the advancement of digital tools, individuals are now perceived as multifaceted entities with attributes encompassing attitudes, behaviors, and social factors. 

Brands were abstract concepts that were difficult to define and measure. However, now they have evolved into tangible assets that can be measured and accumulated through a series of actions. 

In this topic, we would like to discuss the transition from a one-dimensional perspective of people to a multidimensional one, as well as the transformation of brands from ambiguity to measurability. 

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Explore the "Universe" of Tech
The New Growth Paths for Experience Innovation of Consumer Brands in the Era of Generative AI

The consumer market has started a new era: the market is entering an era of stock competition. User experience management has become one of the core competitiveness of the brand. As young people become the main consumer, the consumption pattern has changed from single transaction to multi-field interaction, and the people, goods and space have been reconstructed again.  In the new consumption era, how does enterprise transform the lifetime value of consumers through innovative marketing experience, so as to drive the sustainable growth of the brand?

Business Cases Will Emerge When Metaverse is No More Hyped

Metaverse under microscope: fundamental technologies, ecosystem, applications, and outlook.

[Panel Discussion] Sparks Ignited by AI in the Food Industry: What Can We Expect?

At the beginning of this year, the popularity of ChatGPT and Midjourney, along with the arms race among major corporations and startups in the field of large-scale models, has once again shifted the industry's attention to AI. 

Within this wave of technological innovation, what fundamental changes have taken place at the core? How could AI and generative AI truly bring about business innovation in product development, iteration, brand marketing content creation? What imagination will emerge in the future?