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Pack Talks
· 6.15 (Day 2)
From Appealing to Branding
CC101 - Hall 18 1st Floor
Sustainable Future | Packaging Strategy
[Panel Discussion] Sustainable Packaging Strategy Blueprint for Food Companies

How to see through haze and implement sustainable packaging strategies that are practical to brands amid all the hype around Carbon Neutral and Sustainability?

Sustainable Brands: Resonate with Young Consumers

How to engage consumers deeply in co-creation and communication around sustainability by taking packaging design as the vehicle and make sustainability an opportunity for brand transformation?

Tea Break & Food Show Tour
Sustainable Future | Practical Approaches
Plastic Alternatives: Striking the Balance of Sustainability, Cost, and User Experience

Taking a comprehensive look at various stages including production, transportation, and recycling, how do plastic alternatives fare when considering the trade-offs of cost, carbon emissions, and user experience? Moreover, on a global scale, what are some forward-thinking new solutions that are emerging?

[Panel Discussion] Reshape and Revive: Explore the Future of Circular Packaging

To truly achieve a circular economy and give packaging a genuine "rebirth," it requires the involvement and drive from multiple stakeholders within the industry and the market. 

- How can we creatively leverage trendsetting concepts to drive transformative changes in the industry and market towards circular packaging?

- How can we foster more industry collaborations and opportunities for consumer involvement to establish effective circular systems?

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Creative Boost | Sourcing Creations
Absolut Vodka: Imagine the Future of Packaging
[Master Class] Technology Evolution and Brand Design Strategy

Brian Collins has been recognized as a Design Master by Fast Company and is the first designer invited to the World Economic Forum. He will share insights on how technological advancements drive the transformation of brand design strategies.

* There will be no online broadcast for this session.

Hope in the Hopeless: Creativity Breaks Dilemma

There is never enough time, resource, and experience when the world is changing ever faster. How to break the dilemma with creativity and different perspectives?

Creative Boost | Strike with AI
[Interaction] AI Designer is Making A Splash

Plug Inc.'s "Package Design AI" is capable of generating and evaluating 1,000 design proposals in less than an hour. In seconds, the AI predicts a design's popularity and its image in consumers based on learning data from more than 10 million people. The AI won the Japanese Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award last year. It has become news that Calbee, Ajinomoto, and Nestlé Japan have seen an increase in sales by using this AI system. In April, 2023, it was broadcast throughout China on an information news program on China Central Television (CCTV). How powerful is this AI "designer"? Don't miss the live show.

* Please note that this session is in Japanese. Ensure you have your interpretation device prepared in advance.

Snow Beer: Striking with AI - Formidable Rival or Formidable Add-on?

"Can human discern the difference in packaging designs crafted by AI?" SuperX, the intrepid trailblazer, recently introduced a collaborative venture between humans and AI, unveiling custom-designed cans and initiating a "Turing Test." The results astoundingly revealed that AI-generated packaging can seamlessly deceive discerning consumers. With boundless potential on the horizon, the question for brands arises: Is AI an adversary to be reckoned with or a powerful add-on?

[Future Insights] Tasting of Tomorrows: The Purpose of Packaging in the Age of AI

When anyone can create like an artist with an AI assistant, what is the real purpose of packaging and design? What are the new feelings and functions that food brands of the future might evoke? Welcome to a multisensorial field trip through imagining the iconic brand interactions of tomorrow (and an exploration of what remains uniquely human) in the age of AI.

Pack Talks
· 6.16 (Day 3)
From Appealing to Branding
CC101 - Hall 18 1st Floor
Experience Maker | Thinking
[Design For Good] Reconstruct the Role of Brand-led Design
Winning the hearts of the 1 billion consumers: how can brands use accessible design to capture the missing opportunities?

One billion people or 15% of the world’s population experience some form of disability, but the world we live in is still quite inaccessible to them. Everything we use and interact with daily has been carefully designed in a way that mainly focuses on style and aesthetics, often at the cost of inclusivity. Join Landor & Fitch Greater China General Manager Juanita Zhang to explore how brands can use accessible design to unlock the missing opportunities, and why accessibility must be the foundation for all design.

Tea Break & Food Show Tour
Experience Maker | This Effect Exactly! But How?
[Workshop] FFOODD Packaging Makeover Challenge!

Have you been struggling to come up with a fresh new look for your product? Are you looking for direction on how to revamp your packaging? Become a part of the "Food and Beverage Packaging Makeover Challenge"! 

We will invite 20 brands to provide their products for participants to taste and transform creatively. Under the guidance of Pipi, you'll observe the product, add or subtract elements, and design your own label, ultimately resulting in a packaging that is more appealing to consumers. Brands that participate will have the opportunity to network with other brands and designers to evaluate and enhance their packaging. It's amazing what can be accomplished when the customer is at the core of the design process! 

* We only have a limited number of seats available, so contact FBIF staff TODAY to reserve your spot!

Lunch & Food Show Tour
Brands’ Design Literacy | Ideation
[Panel Discussion] The Change Ongoing: China's Branding Design in Future

Amidst a century of transformation, Chinese domestic brands are gradually maturing and developing their unique design styles. Particularly in the food and beverage category closely tied to people's livelihood, an increasing number of brands are paying attention to the individual dietary needs of the Chinese population and incorporating innovative designs that align with Chinese culture and consumer habits into their branding and packaging. In the future, what will Chinese brand designs that evoke a sense of "affinity," while also being "stylish," and exuding a "branded feel" look like?

Brands’ Design Literacy | Brand Value
[Long-lasting Design] Allow Brands the Time to Grow Like Trees

Every brand starts from scratch. Like growing a tree, a brand will always need time to grow, building its asset, influence, and trust. 

However, the world changes so rapidly nowadays.

How can we lengthen the longevity of the brand design to allow sufficient time for brand development, while keeping up with the changing times?

Be Distinctive Everywhere: How Do You Reshape A Brand to Reflect its “True Self” and Show up Authentically Across the Entire Consumer Experience?

Lisa Smith is renowned for her extensive 20 years of professional experience in reshaping popular brands worldwide, such as Fanta, Burger King, and Chobani. In this session, she will share insights on how to identify the "true self" of a brand by rediscovering what made it unique in the first place. Furthermore, she will explore how to stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment and how every touch point is an opportunity to authentically engage consumers.